• Payment tracking services and e-banking payment orders;
  • preparing customer and supplier cards in financial book keeping;
  • tracking of payment and payment deadlines;
  • Preparation of documentation for client loan applications (analyzes and projections);
  • Participation in negotiations with banks and other creditors;
  • Assistance in the preparation of company financial plans


  • Assessment and establishment of an accounting system
  • Assessment and establishing a system of flows of accounting documents
  • Preparation and assistance in the preparation of accounting reports
  • Assessment and establishment of a system of business information
  • Assessment and establishing a system of internal control
  • Cost Analysis
  • Accounting consulting with the correct choice of appropriate accounting orientations.
  • Company registration
  • Bankruptcy enterprises
  • Liquidation of enterprises
  • The preparation of reports on the operation of business enterprises and presentation of proposals for the accomplishment of higher productivity, increase of customer payment, rationalization of operating costs, etc.
  • Implementation of organizational and status changes of economic subjects
  • Creating reports for management purposes

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