• Preparation of the Main Book, Preparation and making of Financial reports (Annual and Periodic)
  • Book keeping of KUF and KIF,
  • Goods and material bookkeeping,
  • Production and entering of retail and wholesale calculations in financial bookkeeping,
  • keeping cash registers in accordance with applicable regulations,
  • Calculation and entering of production
  • Keeping evidence of fixed assets and amortization calculation,
  • Keeping bookkeeping of independent entrepreneurs (keeping records of revenues and expenditures (KPR), book of liabilities and receivables, long-term assets book, as well as all types of PDV records)
  • Calculation and posting of salaries and other income from other forms of engagement (calculation and posting of net and gross wages, income and contribution taxes, provided meal, travel fee, travel orders, work contract etc.)
  • Entry and Posting of Excerpts,
  • Preparation of semi-annual and annual income and expenditure calculation, income tax calculation
  • Preparation and monitoring of the budget

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